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Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 2:56 AM

In Progress

Faulty process leading to incorrect data collection and names of languages missing in language dropdown

Is it not oxymoronic to mark an issue "closed" citing lack of capacity? How and why anyone would open a resolved case? Lack of capacity is a real issue. But how closing this issue would ever solve the problem of the names of languages not being added, some requested as long as eight years ago? This is not really a question about how IMDb operates but the sheer lack of empathy? Is it wrong for communities to request that the names of their languages be added on IMDb? Is it too much to ask to not force them add factually wrong information when their films were made in one language and are added on IMDb citing another language? What exactly can IMDb achieve by this broken process of incorrect data collection? Adding the issue again since it's *NOT* resolved yet.

Names of languages need to be added in the language dropdown

The names of the following languages are missing in the dropdown while adding/editing a title on the contribution page since these names have not yet been added. Because of this, many titles are tagged wrongly under other languages. That's wrong in all levels, and all that is needed is the addition of the language names so that the same appears on the front end for a contributor. Listed below the languages and titles which use entirely the languages mentioned.

Interestingly, the language codes do exist in IMDb's backend. Take the example of the Ho language from India. IMDb allows searching movies in this language: 

But a contributor cannot add Ho as a language while submitting the details.

We would greatly appreciate adding these distinct and established languages (not dialects). Needless to say, it would only be fair to the native speakers who have faced years of oppression by their dominant neighbors, who are their oppressors.



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1 year ago

Hi @openspeaksproject -

Thanks for highlighting these missing language requests; I have raised the issue again with the appropriate team.