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Saturday, October 29th, 2022 8:45 PM


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Duplicate Keywords - List #51 (wheelchair keywords) (Proposals for Permanent Merger and Auto-Conversion)

Here is the next installment of my lists of proposed keywords for permanent merger and auto-conversion.

IMDb has recently changed its display format for keyword search results. The changes will hamper my ability to post these lists in the familiar format as shown below. For the time being, I am still able to access the old version of the keyword search results by logging out of my IMDb account. In anticipation of losing the old version forever, I hope to post several lists this weekend. So as not to overwhelm anyone, I will double the standard 14-day comment period to 28 days, to allow the community sufficient time to review this list before it is finalized.

I am posting this list for fellow contributors to review first and raise any objections or questions. I will wait at least 28 days before changing this post to a "problem" post and asking IMDb staff to make the proposed changes.

The mergers and auto-conversions should be made in the direction of the arrows.

Duplicate Keywords Proposed for Permanent Merging and Auto-Conversion

athlete-in-a-wheelchair (3 titles)  -->  athlete-uses-a-wheelchair [new keyword]

child-in-a-wheelchair (9 titles)  -->   child-uses-a-wheelchair (6 titles)

man-in-a-wheelchair (14 titles)  -->  man-in-wheelchair (18 titles)  -->   man-uses-a-wheelchair (895 titles)  

mother-in-a-wheelchair (7 titles)  -->  mother-uses-a-wheelchair [new keyword]

wheel-chair (11 titles)  -->  wheelchair (4032 titles)

wheelchair-bound-criminal (2 titles)  -->  criminal-in-a-wheelchair (3 titles)  -->  criminal-uses-a-wheelchair [new keyword]

wheelchair-bound-husband (11 titles)  -->  husband-uses-a-wheelchair [new keyword]

wheelchair-user (160 titles)  -->  person-uses-a-wheelchair [new keyword]

woman-in-a-wheelchair (20 titles)  -->  wheelchair-bound-woman (9 titles)  -->  woman-uses-a-wheelchair (457 titles)

veteran-in-a-wheelchair (5 titles)  -->  veteran-uses-a-wheelchair [new keyword]

villain-in-a-wheelchair (7 titles)  -->  villain-uses-a-wheelchair [new keyword]


Special thanks to @bradley_kent for the ideas behind many of these proposed "wheelchair" keyword mergers.

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1 year ago

IMDb staff:

Now that the comment period on this list of keywords has passed, the list is ready for action. I will copy and paste the list below with the numbers of titles removed to facilitate the mergers and auto-conversions.

Duplicate Keywords Proposed for Permanent Merging and Auto-Conversion

athlete-in-a-wheelchair    -->  athlete-uses-a-wheelchair 

child-in-a-wheelchair   -->   child-uses-a-wheelchair 

man-in-a-wheelchair   -->  man-in-wheelchair  -->   man-uses-a-wheelchair 

mother-in-a-wheelchair  -->  mother-uses-a-wheelchair 

wheel-chair  -->  wheelchair 

wheelchair-bound-criminal  -->  criminal-in-a-wheelchair   -->  criminal-uses-a-wheelchair 

wheelchair-bound-husband  -->  husband-uses-a-wheelchair 

wheelchair-user  -->  person-uses-a-wheelchair

woman-in-a-wheelchair  -->  wheelchair-bound-woman   -->  woman-uses-a-wheelchair 

veteran-in-a-wheelchair   -->  veteran-uses-a-wheelchair 

villain-in-a-wheelchair   -->  villain-uses-a-wheelchair 




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@keyword_expert​ I'd prefer not to change "veteran-in-a-wheelchair" to "military-veteran-uses-a-wheelchair". In my opinion, adding "military" to this keyword makes it longer but doesn't add any useful information.

The main non-military context in which I would expect to see the word "veteran" used would be in relation to a sports team, where it would contrast with "rookie". But in any sports team where a veteran athlete is using a wheelchair, I would expect to see all the players, including the rookies, using wheelchairs too -- like wheelchair basketball or wheelchair rugby. 

So I think that when people see the "veteran-in-a-wheelchair" (or "veteran-uses-a-wheelchair") keyword, they are going to understand it and apply it only to military veterans and not any other kind of veteran, without needing to make the keyword 36% longer.

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I suppose you are right. I skimmed the keywords and although I see a few like veteran actress and veteran journalist they have not been assigned to many titles and even some of those probably mean military veteran or war veteran as an adjective, even though you can't tell from the keywords themselves. 

Do you feel the same way about these keywords? 

See this other pending post, which includes military veteran with a disability.

 p.s. On that other post, I have added new proposed keyword "veteran-with-a-disability."




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5 months ago

Hi @keyword_expert -We sincerely apologize for the delayed response in circling back to this older keyword proposal request.

We regret that we are unable to take the requested keyword actions raised in this thread and will be marking this as Closed. For more information please review our recent and more detailed response on this previous thread. Again, while we truly appreciate the requests, we are sorry we cannot assist further.