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Monday, February 12th, 2024 12:25 AM


Couldn't add a credit FROM a existing title, to an actor's page - auto-bidirectionality not working

Isn't bi-directionality of the title listings, meant to automatically create references in each matching actor's pages?

if so, then to anyone familiar with the problem,.. yyyyup,.. perhaps i'm going about it the wrong way around, but i tried updating infor for an actor's page, and it got auto-rejected since the actor's credit was already listed in the TITLE page,..

...which wasn't even the page i was trying to update/edit!

so... ?   how.  far from obvious.

counter-intuitive guys, makes things uneccessarily-difficult


i.e.  why did i get a rejection when i wasn't trying to edit that title's page?

someone manually fix it please


Suggestion ;

you've got too much bi-directional checking,

or only ONE-directional checking then working against updates for actors' pages, at-least.  the same might also happen when updating a title page, if detail is already in an actor's page,.. etc etc.  no idea how MANY bi-directional rejection problems you've got here, but at LEAST that direction of data-checking is buggering up.  NEEDS fixing, that's not just my expeiernce / potentials of having mis-used it somehow.   i.e.  blame/get-patronising with the customer, and they'll get pissed off.  FAILING to test it to see if it's working, will only keep the problem going for longer.

So yeah  -  pls fix yourselves/manually.  not my responsibility, i'm just a viewer.  your site, you fix it.


[Marshall Napier - Biography - IMDb]

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@rod_welsh  The class of problem you describe cannot exist on IMDb as we only store each credit once in the database, so once approved, any credit is on both the title page and the corresponding name page -- no additional linking is required.  We are having trouble understanding the exact nature of the problem report in the case of Marshall Napier and The Grasscutter (1988) (TV) as the credit is visible on both the /name/ page:

and the /title/ page:

so the error message is correct in indicating the credit is already listed.

Please can you describe the issue in more detail, ideally with screen shots?