September 27th, 2017

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Canberra-born, in Victoria. Grew up to some extent in-front-of-the-tv, despite colloquialist-Australia's best attempts to get me working myself to death in grasslands, pretending soil-degredation from natives-clearance isn't a huge shame. It failed. Several levels of schooling at little weed, & an incomplete psychology degree later, & not a lot has changed in relation to what was erroneously called Californication rather than Americanization since the 90s - brats've got more obnoxious, despite becoming more prone to ending up evidenced & things like escalations of revenge-drive-bys. Outside of all the door-slamming-shockwave-campaign, in the REST of the world, since the net has made so much more available, maybe one's teen-dream of being a reviewer/critic could come true more easily, but it's too-late for me - the dismal Days-of-Denial of gangsta having-become-a-merch.-tool, & grunge a distraction-away from metal, dis-enchanted me. Art was never just-a-means to more sales.



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