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Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 9:33 AM


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My name is Norah Perret and I recently found out that a page has been made after me on this website. So ever since, I've been editing the credits etc.. and I wanted to add some TV series I've worked on but as I am not credited on their page it has not been approved for me, even though I did worked for them. But I was wondering if I could send you a document directly that proves I've worked on these projects ? Cause that would be a big help if I had those credited on my profile. 

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5 days ago

Norah: Are you submitting your credits to the TV series as a whole, or to specific episodes? If you are dealing with a TV series you have worked on, go to the pages for the specific episodes you worked on and try adding your credit there.

If you have already tried this, please post your last full data submission here on this message board. You can copy it out of the receipt you would have received from IMDb by e-mail immediately after sending it in. Some of the regulars on the board may review it and, if they can, they may provide suggestions as to how to improve the submission to get it included in the database. (Also, please include the submission reference number -- it's an 18-digit number that will look something like 240123-123456-789000.)