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Choreographers on IMDb listed under Miscellaneous Crew and nearly last...

On behalf of the Choreographer Community, I am advocating for more appropriate placement for Choreographers on IMDb. As writers tell a story with words, Choreographers tell stories through movement and dance. They are often the fulcrum of a musical production, working intimately with directors to bring their vision to life. No one who works intimately with the director should be credited as "Miscellaneous" or "Additional." 

Currently, Choreographers are listed under “Miscellaneous Crew” (or “Additional Crew”) often toward the end of credited talent. This has been a source of concern and frustration for decades. Choreographers are often billed in the opening credits of films, but nearly last on IMDb.

We ask for parity along with the Production, Costume, Lighting Designers, and other

craft guild members as our own category: Choreography by.

To illustrate my point, I’ve provided a few examples.

Dirty Dancing (1987)
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092890/fullcredits/?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm -
multiple Emmy and DGA Award winner Kenny Ortega listed under “Miscellaneous
Crew.” Kenny is listed as the 127th name out of 132 total credits.

Rent (2005)
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0294870/fullcredits/?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm - Emmy
Award nominee Keith Young listed under “Miscellaneous Crew” and the 443rd
name out of 449 credits.

Rocketman (2019)
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2066051/fullcredits/?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm - Adam
Murray listed under “Miscellaneous Crew” 27th from the bottom of hundreds
of credits.

West Side Story (1961)
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0055614/fullcredits/?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm - Tony
and Oscar winner, acknowledged as the greatest choreographer of the 20th
Century: Jerome Robbins listed under “Miscellaneous Crew” 78th out of 99

After reaching out within the Choreography community, the support to correct this representation on IMDb is overwhelming.

I reached out to IMDb support, and they told me the only way to make this change is to create a post here and have users vote on it. Please consider voting yes on this. Choreographers deserve to be at the top of the list, the place they are typically billed in film credits.

I've attached a video to further illustrate.

Thank you.

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Choreographers (including Dance Directors from the 1930s) definitely need their own department.  At one time, they even has an Academy Award category, although now, unfortunately, that is sadly limited to special awards.  They are certainly NOT Crew!

Have you seen "In the Heights"?  Amazing choreography!




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