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Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 7:02 PM

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Add a new series title type

There's a crying need (of both contributors and users) to have theatrical short subjects, and short subjects within a TV series, listed as their own series.

I can understand this.

IMDb may want to consider a new feature. Link series.

A link series will have links, instead of episodes.

For example, the "Tooter Turtle" link series will list the titles of all 39 segments of "Tooter Turtle" (from King Leonardo and His Short Subjects). And all the titles will include links that lead to the original King Leonardo episodes. 

Another example. The original "Tom and Jerry" cartoons are listed on IMDb as separate theatrical shorts. A "Tom and Jerry" link series will list the titles of these shorts and include links to each of their pages.

A link series will even work for feature-length series, such as the James Bond series. The "James Bond" link series will list all the titles (the way a Wikipedia page does) and include links to each of their pages.

IMDb may want to consider this simple idea and carry it out soon. Contributors are making a mess of the database because they need these link series to exist, the way they do on Wikipedia and the Big Cartoon Database.

It will be one less headache for staffers and one more reason for users to come to IMDb for their movie and TV information before going to Wikipedia or the Big Cartoon Database.

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11 months ago

IMDb has shell episodes, but it's not well publicized. 

I also believe the Plot Outline should be the place for the link to the original title, but instead they recommend Trivia and Movie Connections. If it were in the Plot Outline, it's one of the first things displayed.

From https://help.imdb.com/article/contribution/titles/episode-guidelines/GDF7HR6CCCBKU3CP?ref_=helpsrall#

  • If a title is later re-released as an episode of a series, then it should be added as a shell episode. This means the episode can be added to a series, but no filmography credits relating to the original title should be added to the shell to avoid crediting the work twice on the name pages of those involved. If the individual contributed to new material relating solely to that episode e.g. hosting segment then they are valid credits and may be added to the shell episode). Please also add a trivia item and a movie connection linking the episode to the original title page.

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11 months ago

Another example. The original "Tom and Jerry" cartoons are listed on IMDb as separate theatrical shorts. A "Tom and Jerry" link series will list the titles of these shorts and include links to each of their pages.

The movie connections already serve this purpose: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0032953/movieconnections/?ref_=tttr_ql_trv_6#followed_by.

Obviously, the same goes for non-short film series, like the James Bond series: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0055928/movieconnections/?ref_=tttr_ql_trv_6#followed_by

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Movie connections work okay, but if I want a list of Tom and Jerry cartoons, I go to Wikipedia. Their list is more user-friendly.

And there are things link series can do that the Movie Connections can't. Examples:

Overlap. A Bugs Bunny theatrical short cartoon is part of the Bugs Bunny series. It's also either an entry in the Merrie Melodies series or the Looney Tunes series. A link series can include titles listed in other link series.

Bugs Bunny Rides Again (1948), for instance, can be listed both in the Bug Bunny link series and the Merrie Melodies link series.

The Movie Connections cannot show that Bugs Bunny Rides Again follows both Buccaneer Bunny (in the Bugs Bunny series) and Bone Sweet Bone in the Merrie Melodies series without creating a mess.

Separate and collate short subjects with a TV episode. Many cartoon series (especially from the 1960s) have three short subjects per episode. Later, these short subjects were separated from the episodes and sold as fillers for local kiddie shows.

Each episode of The Yogi Bear Show, for example, has a Yogi Bear cartoon, a Snagglepuss cartoon and a Yakky Doodle cartoon.

Many people want a list of just the Yakky Doodle shorts or just the Snagglepuss shorts.

A list series for Yakky Doodle can include the titles of just those shorts along with links to the episode each was taken from. Ditto the Snagglepuss cartoons.

Nearly every cartoon short subject of this type is falsely listed on IMDb as its own series. I've removed a handful, but there 200+ more of them still listed.

And I have no doubt that the ones I've removed will reappear.

There's a need for these link series that is not satisfied by the Movie Connections.


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Uh, yeah! Wikipedia or Fandom, maybe just about any pop culture documentarian site besides IMDb.