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Not dead. I like an assortment of things though I am most likely to get passionate about Sci-Fi and Fantasy. If an existing IP I like is done will I will rave. If it's done badly I will hate on you so much. If you want to do your own IP than I applaud you, but if you go at the cookie of something existing, remember the lore of it and do it justice. That or make it plain your doing some B-Grade fun stuff that is "loosely based on". Something like the Legend of the Seeker or similar. Where it was "kinda" based on the books, but they made it plain pretty early on that they were only loosely following the world created by Mr Goodkind. They didn't pretend otherwise and get snotty when fans called them out on it as a result of their betrayal, trying to imply anyone who was against their corruption of the IP they loved, was racist, or sexist, or any other "ist" other than an actual to god "Fan" of the original content.



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