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16 years Catholic education, agnostic ever since, top student at Campion Jesuit Military Boarding Academy, Physics Degree, IQ 140, USAF Captain, Minuteman Missile Launch Control Officer, self-taught computer programmer in 1969, 35 years as programmer for Singer-Link, HP, NSA, Citibank, and others including my father's national photo company making portraits for sorority girls and nursing graduates across the country, retired in 2004, avid cyclist, biked 60,000 miles so far, including 5,000 mile ride across America in 1976 at age 35, traveled numerous times throughout Europe including mountain biking the French and Swiss Alps for 15 summers, never married, terrible womanizer and drinker for about 25 years yet seemingly worked 12 hours/day, by age 45 had quit smoking, drinking, and dating ... totally burned out, enough was enough, now live in the internet, take care of elderly family ... age 35 inside, but 80 outside (not fun).



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