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Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 5:34 PM



Why aren't EPISODE NUMBERS on the same page as Episode Description? HUGE WASTE OF TIME having to click dozens of URLs


Why not combine pertinent episode info (e.g. episode NUMBER) together on this page? Why require extra work and time and require nearly tripling data bandwidth requirement just to obtain episode numbers of listed episode summaries?

It is a huge waste of user time to require user to click on each and every episode just to find out it's episode number when the SUMMARY of each episode should contain the episode number along with the Episode Title, Description, and IMDb "rating".

I'm in utter disbelief that in order for user to find the episode number someone at IMDb apparently decided to require the user(s) have to actually click on each and every INDIVIDUAL episode just to find its episode number. A decent SUMMARY would include at the very least the

Title, Episode Number, Description, and IMDb Rating...not JUST the Title, Description, and IMDb "rating".



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1 year ago

@Jcricket  Thanks for the feedback; the season and episode numbers are in an overlay at the bottom of still frames. From your example title (see red highlight):

In the example you gave, the dark images do not make them easy to spot unless you already know they are there, sorry. 

This 13+ year-old page is scheduled to be migrated to the new design & technology. The new version will make the season and episode numbers much more clear as part of our improvements in accessibility.