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Tuesday, November 1st, 2022 9:50 PM

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What Happened to Star Signs?


​IMDB used to show star signs both on the respective pages and advanced name search.​

​At first, I realized you had disabled the signs listed under ''Did you know?'', but it seems you've also disabled them​

​to be used on advanced name search. I know it may sound a little trivial but this option is actually very helpful when searching people if, for example, we only know the month they were born in.​

​I highly suggest that you reinstate them to be used at least for ​​Advanced Name Search​



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5 months ago

@jabrenner  Thanks for the feedback.  This feature was originally added as a fun experiment and its time has now passed so it did not survive a technology migration, sorry.  

We have converted this post into an Idea thread for comment from other customers.  

Your advanced name search use case is interesting.  It sounds like it would be covered if the “Birthday” field on advanced name search could accept a range as with “Birth Date” ?


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Well, you are right in that regard, and I should have stressed the importance of it differently as I did below. I am sorry to hear this removal. I am having trouble understanding why you removed something already was there, and helpful in many ways. 

Copying directly from the advanced name search description, this option used to provide ''Want a list of Female Aquarians who have won an Oscar? You can find them here.'' See that way we didn't need to type the exact birthdate each time we searched for something of this nature because the signs already took care of it.

After all is said and done, I am simply wondering what harm it was doing that led to its removal.

Thank you for your response.


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5 months ago

If you're familiar with the correspondence chart, then you can infer somebody's sign by his or her birthday. I've never memorized the boundary dates, so I'm never too sure about people who are on or near the cusp between one sign and the next, like around the 20th day of a month.