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Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 2:41 PM



Watchlist - Added movies to my watchlist, but they do not show up in the exported file (.csv) - how come?

As the title says, today I added some movies to the my watchlist.

Exported the list to a .csv and imported it into Excel. The ones I added are missing, although there is a 'checkmark' at 'In my watchlist'

Any suggestions?

It is about an hour ago - does it take time to internally update the list?




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9 months ago

I just tried adding one title and exporting; had no problem.

You may want to include screenshots.



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9 months ago

Hello @marcel_2895030,

So that we can investigate further, please provide us with more information on the device and issue you're experiencing
  1. Device Model
  2. Browser version number
  3. Operating system
  4. OS version number
  5. IMDb app version number (if applicable)
  6.  Screenshots

Thanks in advance!

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9 months ago

Thanks for the replies. 

Please do note that I have an existing watchlist for already quite a while. The movies added yesterday, they do not show up in the .csv file.

As for 'technical details' :

Device: Desktop PC

OS: Windows 10 x64  
Browser: Edge Version 108.0.1462.76 (Official build) (64-bit)

do not use the app so far

below some movies that I added but do not show up.

1. checked the watchlist using Chrome, same number of entries. 1100

2. I tried to 're-add' some of those 'missing entries' by UN-checking and then re-adding them to the watchlist, makes no difference, regretfully so.

3. FWIW, there is no difference overnight


Later: solved...

movies are added using the original non-english movie title ...
My Brilliant Friend > L'amica geniale
Sigh ...
  Wish I hadn't asked