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Fri, Aug 19, 2022 6:34 AM

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Top Rated Kannada Movies and Trending Kannada Movies Official IMDb Charts Related

Hi @Col_Needham and @IMDb Team,

I see from below link that Top Rated [Telugu Movies, Tamil Movies, Malayalam Movies, Indian Movies] and Trending [Tamil, Telugu] Movies charts.


Official Charts Available in IMDb :-

* https://www.imdb.com/india/top-rated-telugu-movies/

* https://www.imdb.com/india/top-rated-tamil-movies/

* https://www.imdb.com/india/top-rated-malayalam-movies/

* https://www.imdb.com/india/top-rated-indian-movies/

* https://www.imdb.com/india/tamil/

* https://www.imdb.com/india/telugu/

Now my question is why there is no chart related to Kannada Movies like Top Rated Kannada Movies and Trending Kannada Movies. There are lot Kannada Movies are produced & screened every year and one of the best Cinema Industry in India and also more number Film Industry People are using IMDb to promote their films. More number of IMDb users which supports Kannada Films.

So my question is why no Official Chart related to Kannada Films in IMDb India? What we have to do as regular IMDb users & contributors to get an official chart by IMDb?



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1 m ago

Hi Kannadiga -

Thanks for being an engaged IMDb customer. We at IMDb agree with your suggestion - as of this week, on IMDb's iOS app, you can view popular Kannada titles when you visit a Kannada title (e.g., VR ). Just scroll down to the contextual recommendations section - e.g., More from the director, More from the top cast, More Kannada picks, etc. The same applies to dozens of other non-English titles across IMDb.


If you have the IMDb Android app, you can expect the same contextual carousel on Kannada titles (and other non-English titles) before October.

We value your suggestions - please don't hesitate to reach out again with more ideas and thanks for using IMDb!