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Thu, Apr 21, 2022 10:34 AM

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Top Cast Ranking

The top cast ranking on the main page for a series is based only on the number of episodes the actor has been in. This does not reflect the cases when an actor is now a new, main character in a current season but has only been in a small number of episodes nor when an actor has left a series after being in numerous episodes. Then an IMDB user goes to the full cast listing to find an actor, even though they may be a main character in a current season. This can be difficult to find their information as now even minor / cameo characters appear and there can be hundreds to sift through. Alternatively, actors can be found by going to a particular season then episode in which they now appear as a top cast member, however. A solution may be to categorize top cast by season on the main page, in addition to episode.

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