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Saturday, January 1st, 2022 3:31 PM


The 'New' user interface layout needs some attention, fast- pleeeeze...

It got worse after the 'face-lift' a year ago, amazingly on both computer and mobile -

On computer: Everything user interface below the upper/primary screen (now 'negative'/black for some reason) is low quality design, with a lot of empty space/margins; pictures having a size now between a photo (where you can discern details) and a thumbnail (only suggestive), and 'categories'', like Top Cast', taking up more than nessessary space due to too large actor-photo, and even listed in 2 rows - bad, bad for overview (which is why I use IMDb).

Om Mobile: When searching; first i have to tap on the bottom of the screen (magnifier), then tapping at the top (text frame) to set cursor, then typing on the keyboard at the bottom of the phone screen... BOTTOM-TOP-BOTTOM -that's simply bad user interrface design 1-0-1.

Can we have the previous more 'Data-base'-like user interface back as a choice of settings - not a big effort for IMBd, as clicking on, say, an actor, we're right back to the 'old' version...   PLEEEEEEZE


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