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Wednesday, November 16th, 2022 2:14 AM


The new format is AWFUL

I have no idea what part of this redesign benefits anybody.  It now takes a dozen clicks across a bunch of categories to get the same information I used to be able to see *all at once* in a list.  Now there is a ton of blank space instead of useful information, and if I need to see the DP and the Art Director, they are on on different pages so I have to click on the film, then click on crew, then click on camera department, then click back to crew, then click art department.  WHY WHY WHY?  it used to all fit perfectly well on one scrolling screen.  The info on a particular person is equally stupidly segregated and prioritizes lots of empty space instead of information.

You have taken a very useful tool and turned it from an easy reference into a literal train wreck to navigate for no possible gain I can see.  This is totally a big FU to the core film community that built your brand and made your site something we all used.  I'm telling you right now that this new interface will cut my use of the site by half or more, because its just not worth the hassle to navigate.  Why did you do this?  Who asked for this?

Please go back.  Make "Crappy New Site" an option for casual users on their phone and leave us industry people with easy to navigate actual data.

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1 year ago

I have lost count on how many times IMDb has "improved" its site and . . . it has become worse.

Why do you have to keep screwing around with a good thing?

Who's in charge here?