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Sat, Feb 29, 2020 2:03 PM

The mysterious 100&start=9801&ref_

About some months ago; I found a small error in the Advanced Title Search; although it is quite small ... well I would like to know if it can be fixed. I will explain what we found.

We look first at this link:,tv_movie,tv_series,tv_episode,tv_special,tv_miniseries,documentary,video_game,short,video,tv_short&adult=include&sort=alpha,asc&count=100&start=9901&ref_=adv_nxt

In the link address, there is a small command or representation that is explained as follows:

The 9801&ref represents in which search title we are. Now let's see the little bug.,tv_movie,tv_series,tv_episode,tv_special,tv_miniseries,documentary,video_game,short,video,tv_short&adult=include&sort=alpha,asc&count=100&after=WyIoRXBpc29kZSBkYXRlZCAzIEp1bmUgMTk5NSkiLCJ0dDEwODI2MDYwIiw5OTAxXQ%3D%3D&ref_=adv_nxt

Going to the next page or link; we find this ... the address of the link, upon reaching 10000; We get this:

What it represents in which part of the list we are... is a disorder of meaningless letters and numbers .. without knowing why it happens...

When you try to do this ...

The link takes you directly again, from the beginning ...
Why happens?
Since if someone has the idea to go beyond the list without continuously pressing next ... and use this command as a shortcut to get anywhere ... there will be people who find this little bug.
Any solution?



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7 months ago

? ?
Question for Staff
the "&ref_=adv_nxt"
is a reference to where the link was found for tracking history
and should not be used on GS
as the link one finds here was not found where the Member found it
to add the link here
ah,  What ? ?



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7 months ago

I simplified your example to a single title_type. I also eliminated the &ref=..., since it's irrelevant.,asc&count=250&start=9751

Using the Previous link, I get a reasonable result, going to 9501.

But returning to 9751, and using the Next link does get a coded "after" parameter replacing "start":,asc&count=250&after=WyJBYWRtaSBBdXIgQXVyYXQiLCJ0dDM3MTM2MTIiLDEwMDAxXQ%3D%3D

I suspect this is because 10,000 is a ubiquitous limit on IMDb. No user list can be longer than 10,000 entries. So I wouldn't be surprised if Advanced Search results are put into a temporary (invisible) list, and when access is requested beyond that structure, this other coding shows up, which is similar to how Ratings are referenced when you look at your own. For instance, here's the URL when I click Next (from page 1) of my Ratings:

So I doubt IMDb will consider your report a "bug". It's how they designed it. 10,001 is just not allowed, so they cope by taking you back to the beginning of the results.

These are my own observations. I have NO inside information about how/why things really work.