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Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 12:17 PM



searching for multiple actors/actresses at once

unless there already is, i would love a way to be able to search for multiple actors/actresses at once, to see movies/tv that they have in common.  For instance, Danica McKellar & Neal Bledsoe have appeared in (at least) 3 movies together: Coming Home For Christmas, The Winter Palace, and Christmas at the Drive-In.  I would love a way to enter both their names, and to see their common filmography.



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7 months ago

@DanielleStolys  Please see https://help.imdb.com/article/imdb/discover-watch/using-the-advanced-search-feature/GLUEUYWPQNPTEVPU (specifically how to access the collaborations search).

https://help.imdb.com/ is your handy guide for using IMDb.

Hope this helps.