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Thu, May 24, 2018 5:23 PM

Reviews: Search by titles

It would be a very handsome feature if you could specifically search for User Reviews to a specific movie and filter by Users who have also written Reviews for a defined set of other movies. My Use Case is this:
Say there is a new Movie in the Theathres and I am uncertain whether going to see it is worth it or not. Now you can of course check the Rating, but that is just an average score, and my taste may not be so average. So I can check the User Reviews and try to get a better idea of what the movie has to offer, but then, I can't say if someone who wrote a review and gave a bad rating shares my notion or if I would have experienced the movie the same way he did. So here comes my Feature Request:
Allow us to search for User Reviews for Title X, written by Users who have also written User Reviews for Titles Y and Z. Then we can evaluate if the Reviews for Titles Y and Z written by a specific users meet our personal opinion of those Titles and we can determine if that specific Users Review for Title X is likely to reflect our potential personal experience. I hope you get my meaning.
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