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Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 1:36 PM



Return all episodes I have rated from series I have not rated (via search function)

Is that possible?

Meaning that if I remove my overall rating from South Park for example, I want all South Park episodes I have rated to show up in the search results.

Or also via workaround lets say I want all series returned as search results where I have rated at least one episode, but have not rated the show as a whole.

Anybody know?

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4 months ago

@Horst No, sorry this is not supported, at least in terms of how I read your question.  You can search for all episodes of South Park (or any specific other series) by changing the "series=" parameter in this search -> https://www.imdb.com/search/title/?series=tt0121955&my_ratings=exclude 

Hope this helps.