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Monday, September 25th, 2023 3:16 PM



Recovery of IMDB account

I lost access to my old email and when I tried to login in IMDB with it and with my old password, I got denied, and I got this message "For your security, you need to approve..." basically IMDB asking me to approve something sent to me to my old email which I can't access anymore. Please help me recover my IMDB account, I can prove my real Identity. Thanks.

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9 months ago

Have just queried a few days ago on a similar issue (I too have an inactive email but am not having log in issues). But for knowing what to so when it happens to me in the future after a week of personal details updating and recoveries on various websites, the best thing to do is contact IMDb directly through the Imdb Contact Us form and ask for account recovery and a recommended email address change. If you don't have a new email address, make one. Here is a basic step by step guide going by the response I got from an employee.

1. Go to Imdb Contact Us section: 


2. Click on Imdb fan

3. Select log in and login issues

4. Click on email, you shouldn't have to need to log in

5. Include your email address on top of the form where indicated

6. Say your username and perhaps provide a link to your profile, which should make things easy for staff to find.

7. Say what your registered email address is and what you would like the new email address to be, make it clear though to send their response to your new email address.

8. I was advised to update some personal details, but I did it in my form instead. So best write your full name, date of birth, gender and country/region of residence. Those were the four things I was recommended to state. These things should already be on your registration details for your account so shouldn't be too difficult for staff to find.

9. Send. You should get a response to both registered and new email addresses within 24 hours, though it may be longer in periods where staff don't respond as quickly. That was what I was led to believe at least.

If you are not sure, I did write a thread a few days ago querying for what to do if it happened to me, having gone through problems recovering various website accounts hence my query thread. You can read that and read the responses I got from the very helpful employee who got to me quickly. All these changes hopefully shouldn't make contributions disappear.

Hope this helps. Let me know if this works or if you have problems.