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Thu, Jun 2, 2016 1:20 AM

Ratings: Top Rated TV Shows - Separate Miniseries & Anime/Cartoon from Regular TV Series

Short version:

I think it's a good idea if Miniseries are removed from the current IMDb 250 Top Rated TV Shows list and put into their own Top 100 TV Miniseries list.

Similarly, I also think Anime/Cartoon shows should also be removed from the IMDb 250 Top Rated TV Shows list and put into their own Top 100 TV Anime/Cartoon list.

Long story:

My main issue with the 250 Top Rated TV Shows list is that it does notdifferentiate among the 3 main different types of TV programs/shows/series:

1. Single-Season Miniseries

2. Cartoons/Anime Series

3. Ordinary or Regular TVseries (including Multi-Season Miniseries [Anthologies]),for lack of a better term

I believe the “250Top Rated TV Shows” list should be exclusive to the 3rd type: TheOrdinary/Regular TV Series. If we look at the list as it stands now, it is NOT representative of the state of television history. Shows like Band of Brothersand Planet Earth, great as they are, are certainly not the top 2 TV shows inhistory, simply because they do not belong on this list. I do realize thatrankings are determined by IMDb’s members’ ratings, but the inaccuracy hereresults from the fact that both shows are on the wrong list.

Let us examine the top 5 shows after removing Single-SeasonMiniseries, and Cartoons/Anime:

1. Breaking Bad

2. Game of Thrones

3. The Wire

4. The Sopranos

5. Sherlock

This certainly feels more accurate, and we are not twistingfacts here, we are logically separating the different types of TV shows. This,to me, feels more rational because we would be comparing the ratings of applesto apples. The dynamics of how people receive a one-off miniseries with a limited number of episodes lead to very different ratingresults compared to regular, multi-season TV series, as evident by the Top 250list, which seems disproportionately dominated by one-off, single-season miniseries. Iconstantly find myself having to ignore or filter out such shows when I amlooking at the list, not because I’m not a fan, but because they logically donot fit into this list.

Ideally, I would also separate Anime/Cartoons, because they area whole separate type of shows, but I do understand the logic of keeping themon the list. I mean, the Top 250 Movies list includes animated films, so whyshouldn’t the Top 250 TV list include animated series, since it's just a different genre, not a different type altogether? I get that, maybe they belong here,but it’s a little different from movies. I think they should have their own list, and I want to hear people's opinions on this.

Having explained my rationale above, here’s the alternativestructure that I would like to suggest:

1. Top 250 TV Shows:Regular/Ordinary TV Shows, including Multi-Season Miniseries [Anthologies] (e.g.Fargo, American Horror Story & True Detective)

2. Top 100 TV Miniseries, exclusive to Single-Season (One-off) Miniseries (e.g. Planet Earth, Cosmos,Making a Murderer, Band ofBrothers, The Pacific, etc.)

3. Top 100 TV Animated Series/ Cartoon Series

What do you guys think?



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4 years ago

Yes, the minimum number of votes is a huge problem that results in a very inaccurate picture of the Top Rated TV Shows list, and I do agree with the suggestion to increase the number of votes to 25,000.

The idea I'm proposing here will further refine the list by removing what the list should NOT include; (i.e. TV Miniseries) which are very different in nature to regular shows as I explained above. If we go a step further and remove the Anime/Cartoon series, that would be ideal and we'd finally have a list that's truly representative of THE top TV shows.

I proposed this idea directly to the IMDb staff, and they advised me to post it here. Let's hope it receives enough traction and support to be implemented. Fingers crossed!