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Sat, Mar 11, 2017 10:23 AM


Ratings: Generate ranking of actors, actresses etc based on IMDb ratings

It would be great with a list of actors, actresses etc. based on the average rating of the films they have appeared in, or directed etc. This would be a way for one to watch the most "imdb-successful" actors, actresses and directors, and would give you a neat way of potentially finding films you wouldn't have watched otherwise..




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3 years ago

Hi Meinhard Mikladal,

A long time ago, IMDb did provide the average ratings for a person listed in IMDb. However, this average was over all titles, including cameos. As such, it probably was not a good indicator of the overall quality of an actor or other film maker's work.

You can still get a sense of the overall ratings for an actor or film maker by looking at their filmography sorted by rating. For example:

Highest Rated Feature Film Titles With John Wayne

Highest Rated Feature Film Titles With Katharine Hepburn

You can find a person's filmography sorted by rating under Quick Links and clicking Explore More. Once you are on the ratings page, you can refine the list.

In theory, IMDb should be able to provide the average rating on the ratings page.