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Tue, Mar 6, 2018 12:24 AM


Ratings: Add lowest rated TV (Bottom 100) list

There's a High Rated TV list and a Lowest Rated Movie list, but is there any chance will get a Lowest Rated TV list? Judging by the content, I have recently done a search and there are only about 20 programs that have a rating of 5 or lower with 5000 votes. If more than 100 or 150 programs get more than 5000 votes will there be a chance for an offical list? Also, from the looks of it, I think most of the shows are going to be reality and children's shows.


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3 years ago

I say Yes, do so by genre too, including Retro TV aside current TV.
Bout time, Ive rated TV & movies on IMDb & would love to share with others who can use Info.
Expand to all TV: current    & retro, genre, niche A-Z since 1950 to date.