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Friday, May 21st, 2021 1:04 AM


New Page Style is Terrible

The new page style is nothing but an attempt to increase ad revenue. Not only are the ads for other things bigger, the font is much bigger as well. Since I use this daily multiple times a day it really makes the experience extremely unpleasant due to 5 times the scrolling needed to get to the information I'm looking for.

I watch over 100 shows a year plus hundreds of movies and I use this site for every episode of every show and movie. From what I saw during the test release an extremely low number of people had anything positive to say about it. This is not a majority of users that requested change from what I can tell. This is simply a means of shoving more ads for other movies and show in our faces while increasing the size of these videos is meant to entice us to click on trailer and other content so that we can see even more ads.

In my opinion, It's a terrible change not aimed at improving the user experience but simply to line the pockets of both IMDb and Amazon investors and employees. Please at least include an option to use the old format of the page.

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