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Wed, May 26, 2021 2:03 AM


New Layout, May 2021. Grrr!

Ahhh!  Somebody decided to crapify the layout.  I can't stand when established pages do that.  Now it's got all the rinky-dink bells and whistles of every other annoyingly "modernized" web page, with endless scripts punching my browser in the gut, and twirly waiting-to-load things everywhere... waiting to restructure the page upon completion of load.

It's really crap.  Like really, really, really crap.  The loading speed of the page makes me feel like it's 1995.  Why?  WHY!?  Please, somebody tell me how I can return to the old layout.  I don't want to see this anymore: Welcome to the new version of this page.

It's funny; everybody complaining in their reviews about crappy reboots, and here goes IMDB dutifully not understanding that vibe... The vibe of don't-fix-it-if-it-ain't-broke.  Now they gone and broke it.

Would be better if it was all run on a VIC 20.

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