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Sun, Jul 8, 2018 2:07 AM


Name Pages: Viewing preferences on name pages

Is there a way to have a site-wide preference that users can set individually so that all the different job categories under someone's filmography are always set to show. Rather than the first job (for example a director) showing and the rest of their work under other job types (writer, actor, etc.) are hidden?

I want them to ALL be shown automatically so I don't have to manually click "show" every time I want to see someone's filmography.

I used Michel Gondry's mainpage for this example.

You can see in the top circle is the "show all" link you have to use to show ALL of his jobs - director, producer, writer, etc. (that "Edit" next to it is not for preferences but to add/correct the filmography information itself)

In the lower circle, you can see that the director and producer credits are not shown because I haven't hit the "show all" link that would have those open too. Is there a preference setting somewhere to make all of the job categories always shown on everyone's page?


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2 years ago

Viewing preferences on person's profile pages
by  Jen, Champion
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Michel Gondry

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John Lewis: Moz the Monster  (2017)

Dec 13 2017 - Col Needham, Official Rep
The name reference view is no longer available, sorry.[setting...

As uno...
[_] Show reference view with full cast and crew (advanced view)

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This may get Merged with the above message by Col and others

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2 years ago

Hi, Jen. Please see reply no. 19,200,063 and the comments regarding it.



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2 years ago

As noted above, this is not supported, sorry. 

We will convert this over to the "Idea" section such that other users can vote / comment upon it for future consideration.