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Sunday, August 28th, 2022 5:25 PM



Minimum Number of Characters for a Review

1. I'm at nearly half "Your Review" box & still need another 150 characters (assuming a space is not a character). 
2. Why add time wasting as a desirable trait both for the writer & for the reader? 
3. You are forcing reviews to approach the "spoiler" stage.
4. Why reward prolonged, excessive wordiness when succinctness of thought is the desired trait. (We're not 19th century Russian writers with nothing else to do with our lives. Outside of Vodka, of course.)
5. Most importantly many movies are simply not worth the words (i.e. time). 
6. More is the desired goal? Sounds a lot like American consumerism. You're not a true American contributor unless you buy more & bigger. A true indicator of value is more?
7. To sum up (Am I at 600 yet?) I'm very disappointed. 

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Minimum Number of Characters to Write a Review



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1 year ago

Hello there @teachersuw,


My name is Vic from IMDb Support, thanks for your feedback.

We've changed the minimum character limit for user reviews to raise the quality bar for reviews we get from customers. The intention is to make user reviews as helpful as possible for all our customers.

Reviews which are padded with junk text will be discarded. Our detailed guidance is available here:


Thanks for your support.


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@Vic​ 😀

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Sat, Aug 27, 2022
Minimum Number of Characters to Write a Review
I thought the minimum number of characters to write a review was 150.
I'm getting an error message,
"Sorry, your review is too short.
It needs to contain at least 600 characters."
What happened to being succinct, precise/concise, to the point, not wordy?