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Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 4:40 PM



lost access to my account

I always had an IMDB account and a big watchlist i dont want to lose...

I used to login via my Amazon account but also had an old email address saved.

When i wanted to update my account info i saw that i was able to "link Apple account". I unlinked the Amazon account to have no duplicates and then wanted to link my Apple account but instead it logged me out and created a new account with my Apple email.

The problem is since im not linked to my Amazon account anymore and the IMDB account is run on an old email address, i cant access the profile.

How do i get support to retrieve my account? :/ 



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1 month ago

Hello @mghncd2,

In order to help you with your request, I recommend you to contact our customer service. Please remember to include the following information in your message:

  • The IMDb account e-mail address you want to recover
  • The new e-mail address you wish to use to replace the e-mail address of the IMDb account you want to recover
  • Please make sure the new e-mail address is not already registered with IMDb. If it is, you will need to delete that account to free up that email address so that it can be used to recover your IMDb account 

Please use the default filter in the link I added above to contact our customer service.

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@Jon​ Too bad you weren't there when I lost access to my account. I could have gotten it back.