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Thu, Jan 4, 2018 6:57 AM


Lists: Option to add only unique records to lists

When adding titles to list the user should get a message if he is making a duplicate entry. When I am adding more than 200 titles to my list it becomes difficult to keep track of duplicate entries. I believe there should be a restriction against adding duplicate entries or at least a message should be displayed giving an option to the user to choose if she/he wants a duplicate entry or if she/he doesn't want one.




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3 y ago

A lot of people use duplicate records for various reasons, including the Poll feature. 

So I would hope they do not prevent duplicates. A warning would be annoying, but tolerable.

If you add to the list from the title page instead of from the list page, you'll see when the title is already in the list. Just mouseover the Add-to-Watchlist button.