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Tue, Jan 2, 2018 12:02 AM


Lists: Need position numbers of titles in a list

I have a list with 590 titles. It's in no particular order because the Refine and Sort options are sufficient for my purposes...UNTIL...

I needed to edit the comment on one film. Now I don't know where the title IS to get to it in the Editor. If I had the Refine and Sort features IN the Editor, it would be easy.

I don't want to go to the Title page and unhook it from the list and re-add it. Then I'd lose my Comments, which might have markup codes not copyable from outside the Editor.

So now, either in View mode or in Edit mode, I have to page through the list and ctrl-F to find the title. Fortunately the list has only 6 such pages. Pity the fan who put comments on a 6000 title list and didn't PUT it in order!

If you are NOT going to add Refine/Sort inside the Editor sometime SOON, please provide a way to see the true POSITION number within the list (other than Export) after Refine/Sorting in View Mode, or perhaps after searching in ATS (Advanced Title Search).


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Please bring back compact view!