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Friday, January 20th, 2023 7:24 PM

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Lists and sub lists - turn to folders and sub folders - optional display

​Would like to see ability to create sub lists withing our lists.  And view them as folders and sub folders rather than lists.​

​Not sure if this is an idea or question  ​

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2 months ago

The ability to create an IMDb list of IMDb lists? If the intended outcome isn't based upon any level of recursion, then this might be a fine idea. I'm not too sure that lists of lists of lists of a leaf type (title, name or image), or beyond, would really go off without a hitch.



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I'm not seeing a request for lists OF lists.

I'm seeing a request for dividing a list into sections, apparently not covered by the Refine feature.

Alternately, it might be like having an "OR" operator when doing an Advanced Title Search, selecting multiple lists to see the union of them, instead of the intersection ("AND") that we get now.