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Sunday, August 13th, 2023 1:12 PM



List question

I want to post a list of my favorite episodes of a particular TV show. I don't see a way to choose specific episodes, as opposed to TV shows, from the drop-down. Is there a way to do this?



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4 months ago

@michael_de_sapio Please see the lists FAQ at https://help.imdb.com/article/imdb/track-movies-tv/lists-faq/GNQMN47VZSE7KW38 specifically here:

How can I add a TV episode to my list?

There are two ways to add an episode to a list:

  1. Navigate to the episode you want to add to your list. Hover over the Watchlist ribbon and select the list you would like to add the episode to. 

  2. On the "Edit" page for the list, enter the IMDb ID (example: tt4549946) for the episode into the field “Add a movie or TV show to this list” and click "Enter".

[specifically above, it is the down arrow menu to the right of the “+ Add to Watchlist” button]

You can always find general help on IMDb at https://help.imdb.com/

Hope this helps.