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Tue, Aug 24, 2021 8:24 AM


List movies in movies where I may have seen an actor after adding a title to check ins

Let's say I rate "Titanic" and later I go to the page of Leonardo DiCaprio. Here, I will see a list of all the movies I rated whit DiCaprio, among those "Titanic" will appear. That is a great feature. But the same is not true for check ins. So if I add a movie, let's say "Catch me if you can", into my check ins and go another time to the page of Leonardo DiCaprio, this check in will not appear in the list.

I would welcome that adding a movie to check ins also contributes to the "You may know the actor from" list. In fact, since check ins are inteded to be used as a list of movies one has seen or one is going to see, this is what I would expect to happen. Could this feature be added? Thank you!

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