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Sat, Apr 27, 2019 12:46 AM


Larger Actor Pictures in FULL CAST

Hi! is there a way to make design suggestions for the site? like when you go into the full cast list to see bigger pictures of the actors?

I love the website and I find most information useful, BUT in terms of design and User Experience I find it outdated. I'm not saying you need to change it all, just that it could profit from some well thought improvements.


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2 years ago

Elena Onea
Joined community on April 27, 2019
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Thumbnail photos of cast members are too small
In the new page design, it's almost impossible to make out the faces of actors in the cast list ...

Posted 3 years ago
by Grant Matthew Jenkins
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Col Needham, Official Rep
Sorry but we have not made any recent design changes in relation to photo sizes...

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Cast (character) photos
It can be very difficult to identify who played a particular part
when the photo listed in the casting is of a different age,
or if they have changed their hair style significantly.
It would be very helpful if the cast list also included a photo
as they appeared in the piece, perhaps taken from a screen grab...

Posted 2 years ago
by Greg Holland
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Title Pages: Show cast members as their character in thumbnails

Posted 4 years ago
by Cory Olive
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Title Pages: Add bigger thumbnails to cast lists on title pages
I was hoping you could make the thumbnails
of the actors/actresses a bit bigger so we could actually see them

Posted 6 years ago
by Ahmed Babar
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