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Monday, April 17th, 2023 10:06 AM

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Issue with Genre and Country filters.


I find it quite frustrating (and useless) when I search movies per country or per genre.

Take genre. I fully understand that every movie can belong to more than a single genre, yet I think that there should be a 'main' genre.

If you have a look at the best 'Romance' movies, you find Forrest Gump, Life is Beautiful, Cinema Paradiso, Some Like it Hot, Gone with the Wind, ... .

All these movies do have a 'romance' component, but I wouldn't say it's their main component.

So, an idea could be to let users define the relevance of a genre. It is the same principle used with tags. For tags it doesn't look very successful, but in my opinion for genres it will be quite used.

Hence, for instance, Blazing Saddles is a comedy and a western, but people will say that it is much more a comedy than a western.

Then when you filter per genre, you might be able to choose whether to consider all the genres of a movies or only the most relevant.

The same apply to Country. Clearly many films are co-productions hence, can be produced in different countries.

For instance, Cinema Paradiso is an Italian and French co-production, but the Italian Cristaldi was clearly the main one.

If I filter Italian movies, I find titles like John Wick, Hotel Rwanda or some Star Wars. Probably just because some Italian production company was involved for filming few minutes in some Italian location.

But again, there should be a 'main' country.

What do you think about it?



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1 year ago

Language and Country (and maybe others) have the ability to be ranked, and there's a special parameter for them in searches which you need to insert into the url. Examples:



See more at my post here:


However, when you look at the data (Edit mode), Genres do not have a ranking, so it's probably that more capabilities would need to be added to IMDb to fulfil this Idea. I agree that it would be useful.

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Thank you. Yes, I see now that country and language already have a special flag.

It would be useful to add also these flags on the advanced research page.

Or at least, listing somewhere all the filters that can be used to make a query directly from the URL.

For genres you confirm that there is no such a capability.

But instead of hardcoding the main genre like it is done for the language (who takes the responsibility and the workload of doing that?), I think it should be left to users to assign the relevance like it is done for the keywords.

Users can 'like' the most relevant gender according to them. If a movie have 20 likes on drama and 10 on romance, the main genre will be drama.