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Sun, Jan 3, 2021 2:43 AM

Is this webUI change for the worse real?

First of all, I actually love imdb and it was my No.1 go-to site for everything entertainment related - until I recently learned about this new design.

I am so sorry to be so negative already in the title, but are you serious about this?

This is no rant and I am really trying to not step on any toes, but it is going to be hard not to.

I am merely seeking answers and would be very happy, if you'd decide to give some.

My questions are:

1. Why do you want to change the design?

2. Do you really need to do this?

3. ...I am sorry, I really only have this single question: "Why?"

I really am surprised I can not find anything about this on this forum - does that mean, everyone here is happy with it?

The new design you seem to be not so sure about yourself (why else the sneak peak?) is really aweful.

I can not and don't want to be diplomatic with this: it is aweful.

The old design offers a neat and userfriendly experience. The clarity is perfect. Every section immediately catches the eye.

Why would you want to change this into...., well what you changed it into?

It looks like someone did it in Wordpress or Jomla - not a professional web designer.

If you take a "sneak peak" from the old design the site looses clarity at once.

There are sections not done yet:

More like this
This feature is currently under construction.


Everything is too big - you have to scroll right from the beginning.

Why do you need to place an ad between every section and around the main page (even if it is for a show or movie)?

You are mainly a site to transport information - you could be financed out of your bosses wallet. There is no need for this!

Or is Mr. Bezos not happy with his income?

There have to be more people thinking the same, where are you?

Please consider to say something and change IMDB's mind about this!

Thank you.

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7 m ago

We should keep the owner of Amazon and The Washington Post out of this. While he may have some powers of intervention, we cannot reasonably expect him to use them, since the layout of the IMDb interface is probably of no direct concern to him.