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Monday, January 2nd, 2023 7:06 PM


Inquiries about a profit site claiming to be a branch of your site


I am Saif from Iraq. A profitable website has recently appeared. Registration conditions include making a deposit of an amount on the site. The site displays daily 10 videos of 10 seconds. The customer watches 10 videos per day and gives the site an amount in exchange for that, and the customer can withdraw the money every month. The site claims to be a branch of you, is this true? The website is.


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There is a platform that uses your name "IMDb" to give people profits from watching movie ads.




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1 month ago

Hi there,


The website you are sharing has no relationship with IMDb.

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Here are some places where the scam is being advertised.



I flagged the YouTube videos and linked to this thread as proof that the website is a scam.

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8 days ago

شكرا سيف على التنبيه