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Thu, May 28, 2020 3:03 PM


Individual actor ratings in films?

Random idea- but be tricky to implement fairly. 

As I am sure you do it, I often watch a film that might be mediocre, but certain actors excel in their role. It might be a supporting character with a cameo, it might be a co-star. I think their performances could go unnoticed if the film bombs. 

So would being able to rank individuals in films be an interesting option?

The ratings could therefore be transferred onto their profile page, and people can view/sort their films by their highest rated performances.

Obviously a few things would come into consideration. Maybe one scene cameos dont count etc. But just a thought!




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5 months ago

Hello Edd,
But how do you deal with a case where someone is brilliant in one film but only average (or even terrible) in everything else that they do?