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Friday, November 18th, 2022 6:11 AM

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Indicate whether cast members are now dead or alive

​I have a product enhancement suggestion for IMDB. In the cast listing section of a movie’s webpage, it would be useful for quick reference to have a small symbol (perhaps a circle/bubble) next to each individual that indicates whether they are currently alive or deceased based on the color of the symbol. Green could represent alive and red could represent deceased. If unknown, no symbol would be present. These colored symbols could be auto populated using the data that already exists on the individual’s webpage. A legend at the top of the cast section would be useful to explain the meaning of these symbols, but not necessary as they are somewhat intuitive. Another option would be to make a colored border around an individual’s picture whether they have a real one or they have the picture placeholder image. A green border could represent alive, red deceased, and either gray or no border for unknown. Alternatively, you could simply change the text color of an individual’s name to red, green, or dark gray.​

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With 14,156,000 Names and 23,740,000 Titles

This could take some time to update and maintain daily

Where does IMDb find new and old Death Dates daily ??



This  could be helpful



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I do not know where IMDB obtains vital records. However, the image coloring I suggested wouldn't necessarily need to involve an update to that process. It could simply be an automated extension of the existing process for updating death dates on individual webpages. And as I suggested, if the status is unknown, that could be made clear with certain coloring or lack of an image border.