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Saturday, September 11th, 2021 12:15 PM


IMDb UI is not intuitive


I am using an IMDb for quite a long time and actually a big fan of the site.

However, I find the latest version of the IMDb UI as not intuitive and less convenient than in the previous version that we were used to and loved.

Here are the reasons:

  1. It is not clear enough whether the movie is released or not
  2. The symbols in movie's title, like R are not self explanatory and the legend is missing
  3. The link of the symbols bring to a non related page
  4. In serials, episodes link brings to the latest season instead of to the start
  5. List of actors has to versions: when scrolled down the title, there is a page with avatars that I like but if an actor name is clicked, another page with the list is opened (the previous version).
  6. The info and links below the movie title is not consistent and differs between the titles. I find it confusing.
  7. The video and photos section is too big and in my opinion less relevant than list of actors. It puts the list of actors too down in the page and is duplicated with the links to videos and photos at the right of the movie video.


I hope my message will be seen and my voice will be heard. In my opinion, the UI changes are too radical and makes the site less useful and convenient.

Please try keeping the site frame with little changes in items location so it will be convenient and less time consuming to find the information needed.

Thank you.


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