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Mon, Nov 16, 2020 8:21 PM


Idea: Searchable Database or Spreadsheet

PROBLEM:  Lists of movies or TV shows by genre and sorted by IMDb rating are a start but inefficient.  I might find something that looks good, then to discover it is not available on my streaming service.

SUGGESTION:  Create a searchable or downloadable database/spreadsheet with the following characteristics. 

- ROWS:  Title of film/show.

- COLUMNS:  Year produced, Genre, Movie vs TV show, Service providing it (Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.), IMDb rating, number of people providing rating.   

Make it filterable (e.g., showing only movies) and sortable (e.g., by decreasing IMDb rating).

BENEFITS:  TO USERS:  Very efficient way to find entertainment.  TO IMDb:  Attract more users/subscribers.  Perhaps charge per use (e.g. $5). 




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15 days ago

Have you used Advanced Title Search

and/or custom lists (which are filterable and can be exported).

Both are free.

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Oh my gosh...this is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for!!!

My only further suggestions for IMDb might be to: (a) broaden the Instant Watch options to include all availability options like Netflix, Disney, etc. but I could see how that might be challenging to keep up with; (b) perhaps make this search option more obvious in the website(?).

Many thanks bderoes!


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11 days ago

Thanks for the information citefast