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Wed, Sep 21, 2022 7:28 AM



Has IMDb removed the "Sort by Helpfulness" option?

Like most IMDb users I sort reviews by their helpfulness score. Since this morning this option appears to have been completely removed. Is this the case? or is it a temporary bug. If it has been removed may I ask why? Helpfulness score is by far the most reliable metric by which to judge the... well... helpfulness of a review



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2 months ago

@krokraler  No, not removed, just renamed a while back to "Featured" since this is a better description of how the sort actually works.  The helpfulness votes are the largest input into how the sort algorithm has always worked, but it has never been a simple "helpful - unhelpful" numeric sort, and customer research showed that "Featured" was therefore more accurate. 

Please also see https://help.imdb.com/article/contribution/contribution-information/how-are-user-reviews-displayed-on-imdb/G3AZQK7NTWFASP7A 

Personally I leave my review sort order on the default featured view, however, if I want a different perspective,  the "Total votes" is often an interesting order.

Hope this helps.