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Sat, Sep 4, 2021 1:27 AM


[Feedback]: New design, movie page - negative feedback

I use IMDb from time to time and today was my first experience with the redesign. I must say I like the idea, but hate the execution. You have a lot of elements correct, but a lot of it is horrendous. 

Why is there sooooooo muuuuuuuch unused space? The whole movie page takes about the double amount of scrolls to get to the bottom compared to before, why this downgrade? More space between buttons doesn't mean its a better page?

Also why is the line above the movie poster just empty on the left side? Why not put the movie title or something there instead of having them on seperate lines? 

To me the pictures and videos of the movie is so hidden now, behind those giant "Video" / Pictures" buttons. Before you used to be able to preview the small pictures before clicking on them. This new thing is so bad. I doubt I'll ever click on them now, there is nothing tempting about grey buttons which leads me off the page I am currently on. Before it just played in the same window. HUGE downgrade if you actually want people to watch the pic/vids you post there. Oh wait, when I started to scroll down I found them. But I still miss seeing more than 1 video clip in the main window at the top. 

I have a HUGE thing against this new way of showing the cast. Like wtf? It used to be so easy to see whos there when they were all lined up downwards. With this new design I really have to spent time just to get an overview of whos there, whereas I before got the gist of it after a fast glance since you could spot the names WAY easier and faster. 

Did I tell you how much I despise the spacing between each item? As I keep scrolling down I just keep getting reminded of how much easier it was on the eye before. Don't get me wrong, I love IMDb, been using the site for 18 years or so, but this downgrade is something I just can't let by without voicing my concerns. The mobile app (android) also has problems with spacing between items, but not as bad as this. Really hope that gets some attention too at some point. It would be such an easy fix. Thanks for reading. 

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