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Friday, March 17th, 2023 3:43 AM



Feature Request: Display filmography in true chronological order

​Problem:​​ When viewing the entire filmography of an individual, the option to sort by most recent or oldest to newest is separated by role. For individuals who have held numerous different roles during their career, it’s difficult to get a clear understanding of their work over time. ​

​Solution:​​ When selecting to sort by most recent, allow users to choose wether or not to refine the results by role. ​

​Desired Result:​​ Users will be able to see a clear timeline of a professional’s career through the years, regardless of their credited role on a particular project. This would be especially helpful for professionals whose careers span decades and have transitioned from one area of focus to another (e.g. writer​

​> actor > director > executive producer)​



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1 year ago

How is your request different from 

All Topics > By Year




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1 year ago

@aberrantbonds As @bderoes (thanks) points out, this is already available via the "All Topics" link in the upper right of any name page.  You can even filter by various options, including title type.  For example, https://www.imdb.com/filmosearch/?sort=year&explore=title_type&role=nm0697656 or https://www.imdb.com/filmosearch/?explore=title_type&role=nm0697656&ref_=filmo_ref_typ&sort=year,desc&mode=detail&page=1&title_type=movie 

Hope this helps.