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Saturday, September 30th, 2023 12:09 AM

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Episodes In Watchlist

When adding a specific TV episode to your watchlist (not the main show item itself) it shows in the list frequently without a poster - this poster is sometime present (rarely) and uses a random image from the show.   Posters should be used for all episodes and should be similar to the main show image (eg the dvd box art style).

Secondly, as I havent added the show to the watchlist, just the episode - the title shown in the list is the episode name not the show name.  This is ok as the show name is on the second line but it's a much small font and in a light grey colour (white background) making it unclear or at least not stand out - can you make the show name bolder/bigger font, after all it's one of the most important peices of information regarding the list item.

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