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Saturday, June 1st, 2024 1:19 AM


Does anyone else dislike the new IMDB web version of the Photos section?

I often use the Photos section of an actor's page to find out where I've seen them before. IMDB has recently changed the layout a couple times for the worse (for me anyway).

First, a couple months ago they changed it so that when you clicked on the "Photos" section it gets you to the actor's first photo. It used to go to a grid of some number of photos, plus a link to go to "next page". Going to the first photo isn't really useful, unless the actor only has a couple photos. I'm not going to scroll through 150 photos if the actor is popular. So I go to the grid button, which is easy enough, but seems dumb. Bringing back the grid view as the first view is more useful.

In the most recent change, going to that grid view brings up a single page of a complete collection of larger pictures. That's more scrolling, but not horrible. What I miss from the previous format is the info I would get when hovering the cursor over each picture. It would pop up the where that photo came from and the date. I found that pretty useful and miss it.

Anyway, that's my "feedback" to the IMDB powers that be. They don't seem to have another vehicle for feedback on their website itself.

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IMDb Redesigns Images Subpages

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Read this??

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Monday, May 13th, 2024
IMDb Redesigns Images Subpages
We are excited to announce the launch of IMDb’s redesigned Images subpages! 


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Thanks. That link shows the "improvements" I was talking about. The new layout isn't so bad, and I think when clicking on the link to that sub-page, it should go directly to that layout and not to the first picture in the layout. 

Also, that link you provided says, "providing a modern, clean presentation of information", but it actually provides less information than before. All it is is a collection of photos, which I don't feel is really "information". The previous layout gave me info on each picture by only placing my cursor over the picture.

The bottom line is I'm not thrilled with this new layout.