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Saturday, June 22nd, 2024 7:04 PM

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Disturbing title on the French IMDb mobile version


I noticed that there was a confusing title when I go on one of my reviews on the IMDb French mobile version (I use an iPhone): « Rapport » (« Report » if direct translation in English). You access it by clicking on the 3 dots at the end of your review.

If it’s not your own review, the suggestion « Rapport » is perfect, because it allows you to report a problem on the review written by another IMDb user:

But if it’s one of your reviews, if you click on « Rapport » in the menu available with the 3 dots, it is confusing because, on the following page, it suggests you to delete your own review. So, if you do it it too quickly and validate it without proper attention, you delete your review. The word « Rapport » is indeed not correct in the case it is your review (it’s indeed not a report but a deletion). It should be « Supprimer l’évaluation » (« Delete » if direct translation in English) or there should be nothing instead of « Rapport », as you can edit or delete your own review with clear suggestions in the « Evaluations » iPhone mobile menu of French IMDb.

Here is an example on one of my reviews:

When I select « Rapport » on my review, here is the page where I go:

Can you please either remove this « Rapport » suggestion when it’s your own review or change it as « Supprimer l’évaluation » like here after:

Thanks for your answer.

Best regards



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27 days ago

Hello @mompart,

Thanks for sharing your suggestion,

I have filed a ticket to the team in place and they will be looking into this for you.

Ticket reference: D141010447

We will keep you posted on any updates we receive.

Thanks for you support.