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Saturday, November 5th, 2022 5:19 PM



Display roman numerals in name search

With the new display changes, I've noticed that in name searches, the roman numeral after a person's name no longer appears.

I suppose that the staff assumes that identifying a person by one of their jobs and credits is sufficient, although I personally think that including a roman numeral would be helpful too.

But what about the situation illustrated below (with arrows added by me)? 

What are we supposed to do to distinguish one "Jim Smith" from another when there are several of them with no credit listed below their names? I think that these names really require a roman numeral ... and if you are going to display the roman numerals for the people without credits listed, it would be reasonable to display the roman numerals for people with credits listed, too.

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Issues with the updated /find search results display



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1 year ago

Thanks @gromit82 ... we have moved this from an idea over to a problem as this is surfacing issues in the data and in the display vs. the solution being a potential future enhancement for consideration. 

We would rather fix the root causes of the problems this exposes here, which include:

1.  Some names lack "known for" data despite actually having one or more credits due to some old IMDb rules which ought to be reviewed, for example, people only with "thanks" credits do not get a "known for" set by IMDb.  For example, one of the Jim Smith's in your example results is who does have a credit which would be a better disambiguation than the "(LVIIII)" numerals attached to his name. 

2. Some names are now "empty" and have no data associated so should be deleted rather than returned in a search results set. For example 

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1 year ago

Also when doing a name search for a fairly common name like Mike Murphy for example the first 5 show up  Then you have to click Exact match. 25 names come up. If the Mike Murphy you are looking for isn't among these you can click More Exact names. The problem tends to be if you click on any of these names and then click back space you go to the first list of 25 and you have to click More Exact names to get back to where you were.