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Monday, January 2nd, 2023 6:53 PM

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🤔 Comment to Improve Something 🤗

​🤔 When we are on the page of a movie...​
​🍿 There is usually a video preview of the film...​
​🎞 and following the broadcast of this preview...​
​🔁 A looping video of several other previews videos is visible...​
​😔 But there is no easy access to the IMDb page of these previews...​
​😵‍💫 No right click, no link...​
​🕵️ We can only hope to see the title of the film which has piqued our curiosity and retype it in the search bar...​

​🚧🔨 Maybe it have a way to improve that...​
​🤗 Thank's, Take Care,😉🌱​

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